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FAQ: So You Would Like To Join Our Committee?

This page is intended for individuals who may be interested in joining the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (AHB45) of the Transportation Research Board. Please let us know if you have other questions for us to add to this FAQ:

How do I apply to be a member of the TFTC Committee?

  • The best way to become a TFTC Committee member is to attend our committee meeting at the TRB annual meeting, participate in our midyear meetings, get involved as a committee Friend, join a subcommittee, be an active author and/or paper reviewer and volunteer for some committee initiatives. Involvement, visibility and activity are the best way to move into membership. But keep in mind that you don't need to be an official Member in order to be active!

Do I need to be a Member in order to be an active volunteer with the TFTC Committee?

  • Definitely not! You should consider joining our Friends email list (Google Group), sign up for our RSS Feed, attend our sessions and workshops, explore our website, volunteer for a subcommittee, or "Like" our Facebook page. This website contains a lot of information about our history, our strategic plan, agendas and minutes from past meetings. We currently have 673 Friends on our email list, why don't you join us?

How many members does the TFTC Committee have?

  • Each TRB committee is allocated 25 regular members, 5 international members, and 4 younger members (age 35 or younger), for a total of 34 members. We also have two emeritus members for a total of up to 36 members. We strive for diversity across many dimensions in our membership. We are particularly looking for transportation agency and state department of transportation representatives to be connected to our work. Among the membership there is a chair, secretary, communications coordinator, research coordinator, subcommittee chairs (subcommittee members can be Members or Friends of the committee), liaisons to other committees, international liaisons, and more.

Who reviews papers for the TFTC Committee?

  • We encourage you to submit papers through our committee to the TRB Annual Meeting and Transportation Research Record, as well as for our mid-year meetings and special conferences. This is a great way to get involved! We have a pool of hundreds of reviewers--if you are not on that list please let us know of your interest and we will add you to the reviewer pool.

I am a student or young professional--is there any way to get involved in the TFTC Committee?

  • There are many ways for a young member to get involved in TRB! First, you can join the Young Member Council, and next you can join our Outreach and Diversity subcommittee that is chaired by two of our young members. TRB offers reduced rates for students at the Annual Meeting and at our midyear meetings. We look forward to your active participation!

How often does the TFT Committee rotate its membership?

  • TRB Committees rotate one-third of their membership every three years. The TFT Committee will rotate again in early 2016.

How did you (Bertini) become a member of the committee?

  • I first signed up as a Friend in the mid-1990s, then volunteered to create and manage the committee website (I am still doing this), then became a member, then Secretary and finally Chair in 2009. My six years as chair will end in 2015.

More questions? Send us an email!


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