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The Operations Section is part of the Safety and Operations Group. It consists of 13 committees that propose research, share research findings, sponsor special activities, and provide a forum for transportation professionals to discuss today's and tomorrow's operations-related transportation issues. The chairs of each of these committees are members of the Operations Section Executive Board, who along with the section chair, provide general oversight of the activities within the Section.

No. Committee Member Affiliation
ACP00 Operations Section Robert L. Bertini, Chair Oregon State University
ACP10 Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Nikola Ivanov University of aryland CATT Lab
ACP15 Intelligent Transportation Systems Gregory Krueger HNTB Corporation
ACP20 Freeway Operations Beverly Kuhn Texas A&M Transportation Institute
ACP25 Traffic Signal Systems Edward Smaglik Northern Arizona University
ACP30 Vehicle-Highway Automation Jane Lappin  
ACP35 Managed Lanes

Michael Davis
Dan Lamers

RS&H Inc
North Central Texas Council of Governments
ACP40 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Bastian Schroeder Kittelson and Associates, Inc.
ACP50 Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics

Ludovic Leclercq

Université Gustave Eiffel - ENTPE, France
ACP55 Traffic Control Devices

Melisa Finley

Texas A&M Transportation Institute
ACP60 Access Management Grant Schultz Brigham Young University
ACP70 Highway Traffic Monitoring Ioannis Tsapakis Texas A&M Transportation Institute
ACP80 Traffic Simulation Sanhita Lahiri
Mohammed Hadi
Virginia Department of Transportation
Florida International University
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Richard A. Cunard

TRB Staff
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Safety and Operations Group

Michael Griffith, Chair

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group




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