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David F. Hill
220 Owen Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

Curriculum Vitae



E. Holzenthal
Elizabeth Holzenthal (Ph.D., ~2020)

Project Title: Numerical simulations of oceanographic circulations in Glacier Bay, Alaska.
Christina Aragon (Ph.D., TBD)

Project Title: Cool snow stuff


Ryan Crumley Ryan Crumley (Ph.D., 2019)

Project Title: New Metrics, Modeling Applications, and Observational Strategies for Snowpacks in
Remote, Data-Limited, Mountain Environments
Parker Kai Parker (Ph.D., 2018)

Project Title: Climate Change Impacts to Estuarine Hydrodynamics: Tools, Methodologies, and Predictions
J. Beamer Jordan Beamer (Ph.D., 2016)

Project Title: Regional Scale Modeling of Climate, Cryosphere, and Freshwater Discharge in Changing Coastal Mountain Environments
Thomas Mosier (Ph.D., 2015)

Project Title: Characterizing Climate Change and Its Impacts in Data-Sparse Mountain Regions
Tiffany Cheng (M.S., 2014)

Project Title: Modeling wave and surge conditions in the Pacific Northwest under future climate scenarios
Noa Bruhis (M.S., 2013)

Project Title: Estimating freshwater discharge into the  Gulf of Alaska
Kirk Kalmbacher (M.S., 2013)

Project Title: Tsunami propagation up coastal rivers
George Hall (M.S., 2012)

Project Title: A high-resolution study of tidal range changes in the Delaware Bay

Brian Younkin (Ph.D., 2008)

Project Title: PIV meausurements of the flow in and around scour holes

Geoffrey Walters (M.S., 2008)

Project Title: An experimental study of geometric scaling effects in stirred tank reactors.

Suzanne Ciavola (Honors B.S., 2007)

Project Title: A GIS-based characterization of watersheds and runoff into Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Anthony Vergara (B.S.)

Project Title: Mixing efficiency of stirred tank reactors; the effects of Reynolds number, Richardson number, and geometric scale.

Justin Lennon (M.S., 2004)

Project Title: Application of particle image velocimetry to the hydraulic jump.

Michele Beachler (M.S., 2003)

Project Title: The hydrodynamic impacts of recreational watercraft on shallow lakes.

Eduardo Parra (M.S., 2002)

Project Title: Mixing in stirred stratified flows.