This website is maintained by Mike Rosulek, assistant professor of CS at Oregon State University.

CS 519, winter 2014:

This website was started for a special topics course in Practical 2-Party Secure Computation, at Oregon State University. Students in this course were assigned to contribute glossary entries and annotated bibliography entries for the material covered in class. In most cases they were extensively revised by Prof Rosulek.

Student contributors:

  • Mohammed Alarfaj
  • Adam Bates
  • Zhenwei Cai
  • Brent Carmer
  • Chao Feng
  • Zhangxiang Hu
  • Xiao Huang
  • Boris Iskra
  • Kyle Lake
  • Weijun Li
  • Jingyuan Liu
  • Ben Mood
  • Archana Nandakumar Thampi
  • Peter Rindal
  • Ruidi Sun
  • Yunfan Zhang
  • Baigong Zheng


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