This site contains annotated bibliography entries of research papers in practical secure computation, with the goal of being a resource for new and old researchers interested in the topic. Initially, the site will focus on two-party computation using garbled circuits and cut-and-choose techniques. See this page for more information about this project.

Disclaimer: The current selection of papers is somewhat arbitrary, so do not use a paper's presence/absence on this site as any indicator of that paper's importance. The site is very much a work in progress, and writing bibliography entries is somewhat of a "spare time" activity for its maintainer! There are perhaps hundreds of great papers that are egregiously missing from the site and should be included. In the mean time, I would gladly accept corrections of factual errors, as well as contributed bibliography entries! Check out the guidelines for bibliography entries.

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Circuit constructions & optimizations: 2 papers»

Circuits of interest to secure computation. Combinatorial aspects of circuits in general that affect their suitability for secure computation.

Cut-and-choose mechanisms: 9 papers»

The cut-and-choose mechanism and ways to deal with input consistency, output authenticity, selective failure, two-output functionalities, etc., against malicious adversaries.

Garbling methods: 10 papers»

The garbling aspect of secure 2PC protocols.

Implementations: 2 papers»

Implementation and analysis of secure computation protocols.

Oblivious transfer extension: 3 papers»

Efficiently extending oblivious transfers.

Protocol paradigms: 4 papers»

Basic paradigms for secure computation

Reference works: 3 papers»

Textbooks, lecture notes, survey papers.

Security models: 5 papers»

Security models beyond the "standard" ones of semi-honest and malicious adversaries.

Special-purpose protocols: 1 papers»

Practical protocols for specific functionalities or classes of functionalities.

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