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Paintly Rendering and Animation

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In this project, I followed the SIGGRAPH 96 paper by Ms. Barbara Meier, "Paintly Rendering and Animation". The main idea of the paper is to use particle systems to control brush strokes and their attributes. Please refer to her paper for details.

I used RenderMan as my render. During my implementation, I am faced with the problem of automatically control of the brush strokes' orientations and sizes, as well as the shapes and smoothness of the textures that are applied to individual brush strokes.

The following are some pictures that I generated, followed by animation of some interesting 3D models (Stanford Bunny, Happy Buddha, and a virtual football game). Please compare them with the photo-realistic version.

Photorealistic.   Square brush strokes.


Thinner brush strokes.   Speical textures.


2. Animation of 3D models sitting with an image background.

The original biped runner sequence was generated by Ron Metoyer. Please refer to his paper:

Metoyer, R.A. and Hodgins, J.K., 2000. " Animating Athletic Motion Planning By Example, Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2000, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 15-17, pp. 61-68.