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Eugene Zhang's list of useful resources

Computer Graphics
:: General Graphics
Graphics papers on line
Graphics paper acceptance rate
Van de Panne's list of graphics and animation conferences and journals
Volume rendering
Four colors sensor
Flag fraphics folks
Multitexturing with OpenGL
HCC education digital library
Photon maps
Color scales

:: Image Processing and Video
EZW encoding
Inner body imaging
Optical flow I
Optical flow II
Image compression
Computer vision literature
Computer vision test images

:: Artistic Rendering
NPR Literatures
Non-photoRealistic rendering
Non-photorealistic rendering site 2
NPR from Princeton
French painting for the 19th Century
Rotating snakes

Math Tools
Perlin's noise
A demo program for geodesic distance computation
B-Splines information
Harmonic analysis from mathematical atlas
Harmonics phasors and Fourier series
Spherical harmonics
Spherical harmonics addition theorem
Linear numerical algebra software site
Bi-conjugate method in numerical algebra
NP problems
NP problems site 2
Graph partitioning
Tensor properties
MatLab tutorails
Chinse high-school Mathematics Olympics
AUTO: Software for bifurcation in ODE
William Thurston's excellent notes on hyperbolic geometry and orbifolds
Eigenvalues of 3x3 matrices
Solving Cubic Equations
Binary octahedral group
Quaternions and spatial rotations
3D rotation group
Orthogonal matrices
Point groups in 3D
Orthogonal matrices
Gaussian integers and Eisenstein integers
Singular value decomposition
Plantonic solids in all dimensions
Generalized quaternion interpolation
Jordan algebra
Pauli matrices
Higher-order tensor tutorials
Quaternions and Octonions
Using Quaternions to represent rotations
A company for math toys
Seventeen wallpaper patterns
Seventeen wallpaper patterns (site 2)

Visualization Data Sources 
Utah's medical imaging data
DOE climate data

Geometric Modeling and Computation Geometry 
AIM@Shape repository
3D Mesh Site I
3D Mesh Site II
3D Mesh Site III
3D Mesh Site IV
3D LOD Models
Stanford 3D scan
More free 3D models
Polygon Partitioning
Hausdorff distance
Regular Polygonal Patterns
Another Quasi-Regular pattern
Polyhedra meshes
Victor Milenkovic's web site: Convex containments
Alpha Shapes at Brown
An implicit surface site
Metro Error Metric for Measuring Geometric Differences
National Design Repository at Drexel University
Geodesic distances over surfaces
Delauney triangulations
Elanger Program
Planar triangulation
Hodge Star
Regular and Near Regular Solids
Cyclotomic field
Mobius deltahedra
Patterns in Nature
Is your visualization result friendly to color blind people

Computer Animation and Special Effects
Welcome to Pixar's Home Page!
'99 3D Design & Animation Conference & Exposition
Yahoo! Entertainment:Comics and Animation:Animation:Computer Animation
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Arts and Crafts:Visual Arts:Animation:Computer Animation
3D Animation Workshop - webreference.com --3d animation tutorials and resources
Animation Magazine Homepage
Human Kinetics
Flock, Herds and Schools
Special Effect Classes at Georgia Tech
A useful resource for human body
Triaxial weaving

Mathematics Topics
Octahedral symmetry
Special unitary groups
Knowedge about torus
Torus knot
Orbifolds in Minneappolis
Minimum Cover problem
Neural Netowrk
Hilbert Transform
Polyhedra Applelets
Archimedean Polyhedra
Another polyhedra site
A double torus site
CDT (Constrained Delauney Trianglulations)
Max Flows in Graph Cuts
Differential Topology
Curvature Tensor
Fast Marching Method
Differential Geometry
Parallel Transport over Surfaces and Connections
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Newton-Raphson Method
Absolute Stability
NASA's Vector Field Topology Research (Asimov's paper)
A Matlab Solver for Heat Diffusion
Introduction to Numerical Methods from University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Linearization Method for Analyzing the Van De Pol Equation
On the Visualization of Differential Forms
Comparisons between Several Numerical Methods
Math Geneology
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Finite Elements
Strongly connected components
Interesting shapes
News on 3D Poincare conjecture
Lagragian coherent structures
Lagragian coherent structures II
Mixed integer programming
Rubik cube solving algorithm
Skewb diamond
Impossible ball
Mixing materials and Mathematics
Invariants: a software to generate invariant polynomials
Scalar tensor theory
Graph drawing package
Inside/outside classification with respect to complex polygons
A mathematician's blog on Chinese math olympics
A brian visualization package
Chegg Homework Help

A wonderful source for Math teachers
ETS.org: tests, college/graduate school admission, SAT, AP, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, Praxis
CollegeNET Home Page
History Maps
Four colors sensored eyes
NASA Latex Guide
Learning Visual C++
Learning Visual C++ and MFC
ACM Computing Classification System
International Math Olympiad
Common English Mistakes
Moving resource
Database class notes
Will night lights hurt children's eyesight?
How to add a package in Latex
Learning Chinese
How to fix a microwave
All about polygons
Skiing in Oregon
Iceskating Rinks in Portland, Oregon
Plagiarism prevention
MBA for veterans
Financial Aid for vets and their dependants

Zillons of Games
Hua Rong Dao

Other useful resources
Chinese characters - genealogy, dictionary, readings
Regional Bell Operating Company
Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises, Inc. - Ginseng From Around the World
Homebuyer's Fair Welcome: real estate, mortgage loans, relocation, moving, van line, apartments
USPS ZIP Code Lookup
Online writing center
Visual Tresaurus
Nice VR Links
3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
Cheap Flight
Euro Railways
Physical 3D Models
Physical 3D Models II
Citation II
Citation III
Citation IV
Citation V
Fiber artist
Ranking of US Computer Science departments
The 15 best berries
Web page validation tool
A Romanian music
Europe railway ticket reservation
Online MD5 checksum calculator
A common problem with Kentec heaters
Academic homes
Berlin train system
German train system
Italy train system
Buy train tickets in Italy
Official payment center
Benten county property tax statement
FU Berlin's applied geometry group
Historical maps of Germany
Beveavement fares
German school schedule
Iceskating places in Berlin
Iceskaing school in Berlin
Events in Berlin
Berlin's operas
German articles
German cases
Conjugation of German nouns
Conjugation of German nouns (site 2)
More about German nouns
Conjugation of German verbs
Conjugation of German verbs (site 2)
German perfect sense
German Promomen
German regular verbs
Common German verb prefixes
Children's stories in German
Go ding shi
How to determine the MACRS method for depreciation
Exchange rate history between dollars and euros
Tax inforamtion regarding sabbatical
ranking of American university in computer science
An online guide to graduate schools
An online guide to financial aid for online colleges
An online guide to accredited online colleges
Complete list of accredited Online programs
Various Go boards
Cayole Cruise
A free GRE preparation site
French and German grammar comparisons
French and German grammar comparisons (another site)
German Youth Online Tournament
German Go Association


Joint relief

Places to hold workshops
Mathematical Scienes Research Institute - MSRI
Banff International Research Station
Schloss Dagstuhl
Institut Henri Poincare
Gordon Research Conferences


OSU Related Links
Kelley conference rooms reservation
Graduate student application
OSU proposal web drop
OSU textbook requisition
OSU tech report submission site
OSU final exam schedule
OSU academic calendars
Student appointment dDatabase at EECS
Student appointment dDatabase at ENGR
OSU interlibrary loan
OSU online catelog
Valley library new book request form
Rules for hosting collaborators
How to use blackboard
OSU online grant report system
OSU sabbatical leave policy and procedures
OSU Research Office on Grants.gov
OSU instituional review board
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