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Geometry Meeting Topics

Spring 2009
4/24 Shape Representations (Darrel Palke)
5/1 Shape Generation through Range Scanning (Jonathan Palacios)
5/8 Shape Generation through Physically-Based Methods (Ray Lin)
5/22 Shape Generation through Procedural-Based Methods (Qingqing Deng)
5/29 Shape Generation through Sketching (Guoning Chen)

Winter 2009
2/3 Quadrilateral Mesh Simplification (Darrel Palke)
2/10 Practice Talk (Guoning Chen)
2/17 Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes (Ray Lin)
2/24 Line-art Illustration of Dynamic and Specular Surfaces (Qingqing Deng)
3/10 A Perception-Based Color Space for Illumination-Invariant Image Processing (Jonathan Palacios)

Fall 2008
10/9 Efficient Traversal of Mesh Edges using Adjacency Primitives (Guoning Chen)
10/16 Demarcating Curves for Shape Illustration (Greg Esch)
10/30 Real-time Motion Retargetting to Highly Varied User-Created Morphologies (Darrel Palke)
11/6 Lapped Solid Textures: Filling a Model with Anisotropic Textures (Ray Lin)
11/13 Curved Folding (Mizuki Kagaya)
11/20 Image-based Material Weathering (Qingqing Deng)
12/4 Smoke Surfaces: An Interactive Flow Visualization Techniques Inspired by Real-World Flow Experiments (Doris Liu)

Spring 2008
4/24 Isosurface Stuffing: Fast Tetrahedral Meshes with Good Dihedral Angles (Jonathan Palacios)
5/1 Solving General Shallow Wave Equations on Surfaces (Patrick Neill)
5/8 Self-Animating Images: Illusory Motion Using Repeated Asymmetric Patterns (Guoning Chen)
5/15 QuadCover - Surface Parameterization using Branched Coverings (Tom Schmidt)
5/22 Upright Position of Man-Made Objects (Ray Lin)

Winter 2008
1/15 Group Theory (Tom Schmidt)
1/29 Geometric Modeling in Shape Space (Ray Lin)
2/5 Generalized Surface Flows for Mesh Processing (Guoning Chen)
2/12 Interactive Shadow Mapping Survey (Patrick Neill)
2/19 Continuous Collision Detection for Articulated Models using Taylor Models and Temporal Culling (Mizuki Kagaya)
2/26 Generating Complex Procedural Terrain using the GPU (Greg Esch)
3/4 Focal Surfaces of Differential Geometry (Jonathan Palacios)

Fall 2007
10/5 Exterior Calculus (Tom Schmidt)
10/12 Design of Tangential Vector Fields (Greg Esch)
10/19 Viusalizing Lagrangian Coherent Structures and Comparison to Vector Field Topology (Guoning Chen)
11/2 Diffusion Tensor Visualization with Glyph Packing (Mizuki Kagaya)
11/9 Topological Structures of 3D Tensor Fields (Ray Lin)
11/16 HOT-Lines: Tracking Lines in Higher Order Tensor Fields (Jonathan Palacios)

Summer 2007
7/6 Interactive Refractions with Total Internal Reflections (Randy Rauwendaal)
7/13 Robust On-line Computation of Reeb Graphs: Simplicity and Speed (Guoning Chen)
7/20 Symmetrization (Ian South-Dickinson)
7/27 Interactive Procedural Street Modeling (Greg Esch)
8/17 Solid Texture Synthesis from 2D Exemplars (Jonathan Palacios)
8/24 A Fast Variantional Framework for Accurate Solid-Fluid Coupling (Patrick Neill)
8/31 Volume-presrving Finite Element Simulation of Deformable Solids (Ray Lin)

Spring 2007
4/13 Out-of-Core Algorithm for Scientific Visaulization and comptuer Graphics (Guoning Chen)
4/20 Affinity Propagation Clustering (Madhu Srinivasan)
4/27 Graph Cut Textures (Jonathan Palacios)
5/4 Discrete Ricci Flow (Ian South-Dickinson)
5/18 Removing Excess Topology from Isosurfaces (Mizuki Kagaya)
5/25 State-of-the-art Report: Lapalcian Mesh Processing (Ray Lin)
6/1 Multiple Interacting Fluids (Greg Esch)

Winter 2007
1/18 Radiosity Theory (Guoning Chen)
1/25 Group Theory (Ian South-Dickinson)
2/1 Spectral Theory (Chris Moore)
2/8 3D Symmetry Detection (Philipp Maurer)
2/15 An Advanced Evenly-Spaced Streamline Placement Algorithm (Greg Esch)
2/22 Edge Subdivision Schemes and the Construction of Smooth Vector Fields (Ray Lin)
3/1 Geodesic on Meshes (Jonathan Palacios)
3/8 Stable, Circulation-preserving, Simplificial Fluids (Patrick Neill)

Fall 2006
10/4 Appearance Texture Synthesis (Jonathan Palacios)
10/11 Interactive Collision Detection between Deformable Models (Ian South-Dickinson)
10/18 Spherical Harmonics (Patrick Neill)
10/25 Vector-Field-based Shape Deformation (Randall Rauwendaal)
11/1 Deformation Tensor (Greg Esch)
11/8 Model Reduction for Real-Time Fluids (Ray Lin)
11/15 Levelset methods I and II (Ehsan ShamsSobhani)
11/29 Geometric Modeling with Conical Meshes and Developable Surfaces (Mizuki Kagaya)

Summer 2006
7/5 Variational Tetrahedral Meshing (Dwayne Robinson)
7/12 Perfect Spatial Hashing (Guoning Chen)
7/19 The Topology of Symmetric, Second-Order Tensor Fields (Mizuki Kagaya)
7/26 Fluid Animation with Dynamic Meshes (Greg Esch)
8/9 Notes on the Topology of Vector Fields and Flows (Karena Dokken)
8/16 Partial and Approximate Symmetry Detection for 3D Geometry (Ian South-Dickinson)
8/23 Mesh Quilting For Geometric Texture Synthesis (Jonathan Palacios)
11/29 Optimal Spherical Harmonics Projection (Patrick Neill)

Spring 2006
4/14 Mean Value Coordinates (Guoning Chen)
4/21 Hodge Decomposition (Eugene Zhang)
4/28 Practical Animation of Liquids (Greg Esch)
5/5 Straightest Geodesics (Jonathan Palacios)
5/12 Fluid Simulation Using Adjoint Methods (Guoning Chen)
5/19 Waterdrop on Surfaces (Mizuki Kagaya)
5/26 Image Completion (Hien Le)
6/2 Spectral Surface Quadrangulation (Jonathan Palacios)

Winter 2006
1/26 Linear Algebra Operators for GPU Implementation of Numerical (Patrick Neill and Chris Moore)
2/2 Soft Shadows on GPU (Ben Hermens)
2/9 Suggestive Contours (Guoning Chen)
2/16 Parallax Mapping with Offset Limiting (Chris Moore)
2/23 Generic Mesh Refinement on GPU (Ben Hermens and Madhu Srinivasan)
3/2 Periodic Global Parameterization (Guoning Chen and Jonathan Palacios)
3/9 Hardware-Determined Feature Edges (Patrick Neill and Ankit Khare)

Fall 2005
10/12 Silhouette Maps (Ben Hermens)
10/19 Mesh-based Inverse Kinematics (Guoning Chen and Mizuki Kagaya)
10/26 Skinning Mesh Animation (Ledah Casburn and Madhu Srinivasan)
11/9 Meshless Deformation Based on Shape Matching (Jonathan Palacios)
11/16 Large Mesh Deformation using Volumetric Graph Laplacian (Guoning Chen)

Spring 2005
4/5 Possion-based Mesh Editing (Guoning Chen)
4/19 BD-Tree for Collision Detection (Ben Hermens)
5/3 Fluid simulation with an Octree Structure (Nadia Payet and William Brendal)
5/10 Melting and Flowing (Guoning Chen)
5/24 Deformation Transfer (Shu Hanamoto)