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Feature-Based Surface Parameterization and Texture Mapping

Eugene Zhang, Konstantin Mischaikow, and Greg Turk
ACM Transaction on Graphics, 2005, Vol 24(1), pp 1-27

Parameterized Models for Download

We have parameterized for the following models using our technique developed in feature-based surface parameterization and texture mapping. If you decide to use any of these parameterized models in your research or for other purposes, please cite our work. Note that these models are not intended for commerical uses.

The models are stored in the PLY format. Each triangle T has three pair of texture coordinates: (s0, t0), (s1, t1) and (s2, t2). They correspond to vertex v0, v1, and v2 of the triangle, respectively.

The above models originated from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository. The five holes in the bunny were filled and all but one handle in the dragon were removed through the volumetric model repairing technique of F.S. Noorduddin and Greg Turk. The happy buddha was further processed through topological simplification, work of Zoë Wood, Hugues Hoppe, Mathieu Desbrun, and Peter Schröder.

Bunny (10,000 triangles) | Happy Buddha (20,000 triangles) | Dragon (20,000 triangles)

These are some sample models from Cyberware.

Igea (10,000 triangles) | Horse (10,000 triangles) | Rabbit (10,000 triangles) | Isis (20,000 triangles)

The feline model was created using semi-regular mesh extraction from volumes, work of Zoë Wood, Mathieu Desbrun, Peter Schröder, and David Breen. It was then remeshed by Andrzej Szymczak, Davis King, and Jarek Rossignac.
The original cow model came from ORC Incorporated, and the triceratops is the courtsey of Viewpoints.

Feline (10,000 triangles) | Cow (10,524 triangles) | Triceratops (10,636 triangles)

All of these models were simplified using the memoryless simplication technique of Peter Lindstrom and Greg Turk.