Canonical manifolds

UC Berkeley, May 2005.

This talk introduces the concepts of manifolds in the context of a simple example (the circle) then goes on to describe how this approach can be applied to all closed topologies.


N-holed tori

Mathematics of Surfaces X in Leeds, September 2003.

All you need to know about using hhyperbolic geometry to parameterize n-holed tori.


Manifolds and modeling course

Siggraph 2005, August 2005.

This is the majority of the slides from the course Denis Zorin and I taught at Siggraph.


Simple manifolds

Shape Modeling International, May 2002.

Creating canonical spherical, toroiidal, and cylindrical manifolds


The IBar

UIST, October 2004.

A longer version of the talk that describes the IBar.


Open questions on modeling and reconstruction using manifolds

SIAM 2005, October 2005.

This talk combines both surface modeling and reconstruction using manifolds. The focus is on open questions in chart placement and allocation


Non-linear projection sketching

Graphite 2005, November 2005.

A sketch/widget-based interface for specifying non-linear projections


Hierarchical surface modeling using manifolds

Graphite 2005, November 2005.

A hierarchical approach to modeling surfaces based on the idea of adding charts anywhere.


Continuous cube mapping

Wash U, 2006.

Master's thesis

Non-inear projection widgets

Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering conference., June 2008.

Widgets for making Non-linear projections.


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