CS 559: Selected Topics in Computer Vision

   Prof. Sinisa Todorovic
   sinisa at eecs oregonstate edu
   2107 Kelley Engineering Center

   TR 2:00-3:20pm, KEC 1005

Office hours:
   W 1-2pm, or by appointment


Date Topics and Recommended Literature Presentations
03/30 Introduction, administrative information; Gestalt laws of perceptual grouping
Nadia Payet
04/01 Tracking, slides by Robert Collins
William Brendel
04/06 Active contours, slides by Ron Kimmel
Ali Torkamani
04/08 Computational Photography, slides by S. Lazebnik, Alexei A. Efros, Steve Seitz, Rick Szeliski, Paul Debevec, Stephen Palmer, Paul Heckbert, David Forsyth, Steve Marschner and others
Ben Tribelhorn
04/13 Random Forrests for Visual Recognition, by Jamie Shotton (ICCV 2009 Tutorial),
Hough Forrests for Object Detection, by Gall and Lempitsky
Forrest Briggs
04/15 Boundary Ownership, by Leichter and Lindenbaum,
MRF for 2.1D Sketch, by Gao, Wu, Zhu, and Sang
Mohamed Amer
Texel extraction and modeling
Inference and learning of tree-structured models
Bayesian structural EM
S. Todorovic
05/04 Discriminatively trained part based models -- Latent SVMs, by Felzenszwalb, Girshick, McAllester, and Ramanan
Discriminative models for multi-class object layout, by Desai, Ramanan, Fowlkes
Junyuan Lin
05/11 Final project presentations (preliminary results) All students