CS 271: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (Winter 2013)



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Important dates

The dates of the midterm exams and assignment deadlines will be added to this list as the course develops.

Lecture slides

Slides from the lectures are posted below, usually just before class. I will continue to update the slides for each stage of the course until we are done with that stage.
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DateTitleAdditional files
Jan 7 Course Overview [pdf]
Jan 9–14 Data Representation [pdf] (updated: Jan 18)
Jan 14–16 Intro to MIPS Architecture [pdf] (updated: Jan 18)
Jan 18 More Data Representation [pdf]
Jan 23–25 Intro to MIPS Assembly [pdf] (updated: Jan 25) Hello.asm, Decls.asm, Add3.asm, SubWord.asm, Parrot.asm
Jan 28–30 Algorithms in Assembly (Pt. 1) [pdf] (updated: Feb 6)
Feb 1 Midterm #1 Review [pdf] (updated: Feb 3)
Feb 6–15 Algorithms in Assembly (Pt. 2) [pdf] (updated: Feb 13) Parrot.asm, Circle.asm, JokeIdx.asm, JokeAddr.asm, ReverseIdx.asm, ReverseAddr.asm, Switch.asm
Feb 18–22 Procedure Calls (Pt. 1) [pdf] (updated: Feb 22) ProcJoke.asm
Feb 25 Midterm #2 Review [pdf]
Mar 4–6 Procedure Calls (Pt. 2) [pdf] (updated: Mar 6) FactRec.asm, FactMemo.asm, FunPointers.asm
Mar 8–13 Machine Code [pdf] (updated: Mar 13) AbsVsRel.asm
Mar 15 Pipelining and Final Review [pdf]


Tools and links

MARS MIPS Assembler and Runtime Simulator — This is the tool you will be using to complete your programming assignments. It provides a MIPS assembler and a simulator of the MIPS architecture. We'll do a brief MARS tutorial in class.

Other useful MIPS resources:

Course details

Lectures:Strand Agriculture Hall (STAG) 203
MWF 3:00-3:50 pm
Mailing list:cs271-w13@engr.orst.edu
Unofficial textbook:Robert Britton, MIPS Assembly Language Programming

Contact info and office hours

InstructorEric Walkingshaw
Office hours Mon: Noon – 2pm
(KEC 3093) Wed: 4pm – 5pm

Teaching AsstYaofei Feng
Office hours Tues: 9am – 11am
(KEC Atrium) Thurs: 4pm – 5pm

Grading and homework policies

Grades will be computed using the following weights. (This is still subject to change as the course develops.)

Scores for individual tests and assignments may be curved upward if the results suggest this is necessary, but never downward.

For written homework and programming assignments:


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