Information for An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 3rd Ed

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Third Edition

by Timothy A Budd

published by Addison Wesley Longman

ISBN 0-201-76031-2, xxx pages, 2002

This directory contains information associated with the book An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (3rd Ed), by Timothy A. Budd, published by Addison-Wesley, 2002.

Breaking news
The field is always changing. Look here for innovations in OOP that I consider important, but which occurred too late to get into the book.

Sample Chapters
These are produced from my files before they were sent to the compositor, so they are not exactly the same as the final book.

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Funny Stories
There are some funny stories related to this book.

Overhead Slides
I have created overhead slides for every chapter. These I used in my own course, CS 582, at Oregon State University.

Errata List
The errata list describes known errors, typographic mistakes, and other annoyances.

Additional Side Boxes
As I read the book, I occasionally find places where I wish I had inserted additional information in the form of side-boxes. I have collected some of these here.

8-Queens Case Study
This directory contains the source code for the 8-queens case study. The solution is presented in Object Pascal, in C++ , and in Java.
Other people have also presented solutions to the 8-queens program. See:
An Example in Perl
Alternative in C++

Billiards Case Study
This directory contains the source code for the billiards game case study.

Solitare Game
This directory contains the source code for the solitare game case study.

Lolo Game
This is a programming assignment I sometimes use in the short version of this course. The directory contains the description in LaTex format, in postscript as well as pdf. A working version is given as well (class files only) and the Java source for the starting version (which I usually hand out to the students).

Other Laboratories
A Laboratory based on playing cards.

cybervid exercise
This is an exerise (in postscript) I frequently use after chapter 2.

Random notes to myself about things I should do better in the next edition.
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