CS461/462: Senior Software Engineering Project

No class thursday 1/22

- Team bi-weekly meetings will begin tues 1/27 - see schedule below

Current team membership

Course Description

Faculty: Bruce D'Ambrosio, 107 Dearborn, 737 5563, dambrosi@cs.orst.edu
TA: Steve Kollmansberger, kollmast@cs.orst.edu
Prerequisites: CS361
Registration Information: 4 Units. TTh 11:00 - 12:20 ECE 103.

Weekly meeting schedule

Group meetings will be scheduled from 11:00A through 11:45A. The remaining portion of class will be used, as needed, for groups presenting documents.

  • 1st Tuesday:
  • 1st Thursday:
  • 2nd Tuesday:
  • 2nd Thursday:

  • Syllabus

    Each of the above will require in class presentations, which will be peer reviewed, and a written report. Grading will be on class participation plus written report materials.

    Class Materials

    Bruce D'Ambrosio, dambrosi@cs.orst.edu