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Visualization and Simulatoin Group Meeting Topics

Winter 2018
1/18 gTangle: a Grammar for the Procedural Generation of Tangle Patterns (Prashant Kumar)
1/25 A Survey of 2D and 3D Shape Descriptors  (Arash Shahbaz)
2/1 A Tutorial of Convex Optimization (Yifan Shen)
2/8 Stripe Patterns on Surfaces (Lance Roy)
2/15 Hairy Slices: Evaluating the Perceptual Effectiveness of Cutting Plane Glyphs for 3D Vector Fields (Fariba Khan)
2/22 My Text in Your Handwriting (Ayush Choudhury)
3/1 Interactive Sound Synthesis for Large Scale Environments (Jinta Zheng)
3/8 Modeling Color Difference for Visualization Design  (Botong Qu)
3/15 Quantum Computer Graphics Algorithms  ()

Fall 2017
10/6 Sketch-Based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshes (Prashant Kumar)
10/13 Example-Based Synthesis of Stylized Facial Animations (Botong Qu)
10/20 Visualization and Visual Analysis of Multifaceted Scientific Data: A Survey (Lance Roy)
10/27 Typology of Uncertainty in Static Geolocated Graphs for Visualization / Urban Space Explorer: A Visual Analytics System for Urban Planning (Nasrin Sanati)
11/3 Polyhedral Patterns(Arash Shahbaz)
11/10 Plant Growing (Chen Hang and Ayush Choudhury)
11/17 Crumbling Sound Synthesis (Jinta Zheng)
12/1 Topological Lines in 3D Tensor Fields and Discriminant Hessian Factorization (Fariba Khan)

Summer 2017
7/12 Visual Analytics for Mobile Eye Tracking (Fariba Khan)
7/19 The Sketchy Database: Learning to Retrieve Badly Drawn Bunnies (Jessie Li and Pragyna Naik)
7/26 Fast Particle-based Visual Simulation of Ice Melting (Sheena Huang and Aldo Managa)
8/2 Measuring Symmetry in Drawings of Graphs (Botong Qu)
8/9 A Compiler for 3D Machine Knitting (Prashant Kumar)
8/16 The Wave Kernel Signature: A Quantum Mechanical Approach To Shape Analysis (Arash Shahbaz)
8/23 Intelligent Graph Layout Using Many Users’ Input (Mariam Guizani)

Spring 2017
4/21 Rendering Kaleidoscopic Scenes Using Orbifold Theory (Botong Qu)
4/28 Hyperbolic Orbifold Tutte Embeddings (Lance Roy)
5/5 HexEx: Robust Hexahedral Mesh Extraction (Prashant Kumar)
5/12 Determining the Epipolar Geometry and its Uncertainty: A Review (Mariam Guizani)
5/19 A Review of Image-based Rendering Techniques (San Dim Ciin)
5/26 Glyphs for Asymmetric Second-Order 2D Tensors (Fariba Khan)
6/2 BRDF Models for Accurate and Efficient Rendering of Glossy Surfaces (Arash Shahbaz)
6/9 Crystalgrowth and Snow Simulation (Erich Kramer)

Summer 2015
7/10 Scalable Visualization of Semantic Nets Using Power Law Graphs (Christian Brewton and Marquis Hackett)
7/17 Material Point Method (Li Li)
7/24 Optimization (Arezoo Rajabi)
7/31 Painterly Rendering (Rachel Helmann)
8/7 Texture Synthesis (Rachel Helmann)
8/14 Ocean Data Analysis Using Morse Decompositoin (Victoria Nelson)
8/21 3D Tensor Field Topology (Lance Roy)

Spring 2015
5/8 Discrete Exterior Calculus (Manuel Dobusch)
5/15 More on Discrete Exterior Calculus (Manuel Dobusch)
5/27 Mixed Integer Quadrangulation (Prashant Kumar)
6/5 More on Mixed Integer Quadrangulation (Prashant Kumar)

Winter 2015
2/4 Bob Laramee's Ph.D. Starter Kit (Botong Qu)
2/11 Physics behind Sound Simulation (Sanaz Golbabaei)
2/18 Stable Fluids (Guochen Xu)
2/25 More on Stable Fluids (Guochen Xu)
3/6 Material Point Method in Fluid Simulation (Zander Clucas)
3/13 Fundamentals in Flight Simulation (Manuel Dobusch)

Fall 2014
10/16 Discrete Stochastic Microfacet Models (Zander Clucas)
10/23 Sketch-Based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshes (Xiaofei Gao)
10/30 Adaptive Tearing and Cracking of Thin Sheets (Ritesh Sharma)
11/6 Parametric Wave Field Coding for Precomputed Sound Propagation (Sanaz Golbabaei)
11/13 Boxelization: Folding 3D Objects into Boxes (Prashant Kumar)
11/20 Detecting Symmetry in Scalar Fields Using Augmented Extremum Graphs (Botong Qu)

Spring 2014
5/9 Geometry Synthesis on Surfaces Using Field-Guided Shape Grammars (Sanaz Golbabaei)
5/23 Derived Metric Tensors for Flow Surface Visualization (Ritesh Sharma)
5/30 Position Based Fluids (Padraic McGraw)
6/6 Fast Simulation of Mass-Spring Systems (Zander Clucas)

Winter 2014
2/13 Triangle Mesh Connectivity Editing and Quad Mesh Connectivity Editing (Sanaz Golbabaei)
2/20 A Material Point Method for Snow Simulation (Zander Clucas)
2/27 Modeling Friction and Air Effects between Cloth and Deformable Bodies (Chris Schultz)
3/6 Invariant crease lines for topological and structural analysis of tensor fields (Weijie Song)