Mike Rosulek
Associate Professor
School of EECS
Oregon State University

I am a computer scientist interested in cryptography and security. BS from Iowa State University ↝ PhD from University of Illinois ↝ Assistant Prof at University of Montana (2009-2013) ↝ Assistant Prof at Oregon State (2013-2019) ↝ Associate Prof at Oregon State (2019-present). I am the only faculty member at Oregon State University whose name contains the substring "OSU".


Sep 2023
Congrats to Jaspal Singh and Ian McQuoid, who both successfully defended their PhDs this week! ✓ Jaspal will head to Purdue for a postdoc and Ian will start at MIT Lincoln Labs. Condolences to myself: the sabbatical is finished! ✘
June 2023
Congrats to Gayathri Garimella, who successfully defended her PhD! ✓. She will head to Brown University for a postdoc.
May 2023
VDAF paper accepted to PETS ✓; structure-aware PSI paper accepted to Crypto ✓; and one other other submission rejected from Crypto! ✘
Jan 2023
I think I'll try listing both good ✓ and bad news ✘ here. Both submissions rejected from Eurocrypt 2023!
Oct 2022
Congrats to Lawrence Roy for successfully defending his PhD! Later this month he will join Aarhus University for a postdoc.
Sep 2022
Paper on obfuscating MPC inputs accepted to TCC 2022.
Jun 2022
Paper on structure-aware PSI was accepted to Crypto 2022, and paper on finding a common item in the intersection was accepted to SCN 2022!
May 2022
Paper improving public-key based authentication for SSH was accepted to USENIX Security 2022.
Dec 2021
Aug 2021
Paper on batching base OTs for OT extension accepted to Asiacrypt 2021!
Jul 2021
Paper on malicious PSI for small sets is accepted to CCS 2021.
Jun 2021
Wow!! Our new garbled circuits paper is an honorable mention for best paper at Crypto 2021!
May 2021
Two papers accepted to Crypto 2021: Oblivious key-value stores for PSI, and beating the half-gates lower bound for garbled circuits.
Feb 2021
Paper on private set operations accepted to PKC 2021.
Sep 2020
Two papers accepted to CCS 2020! PAKE & 1-out-of-N OT and joins on secret-shared data.
May 2020
New paper on private K-means clustering accepted to PETS 2020.
Mar 2020
Congrats to Ni Trieu for defending her PhD and starting a postdoc at UC Berkeley!
Jan 2020
New paper on linear-time malicious PSI accepted to Eurocrypt 2020.
Aug 2019
Several new (and old) papers accepted: secure data exchange to CCSW 2019, private set union to Asiacrypt 2019, and collision resistance in Linicrypt to TCC 2019.
May 2019
I have been promoted to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure!
May 2019
New paper on PSI and sparse OT extension is accepted to Crypto 2019.
Apr 2019
Paper on garbled neural networks now on eprint.
Feb 2019
Dec 2018
I will be area chair for cryptography at CCS 2019, so please submit your coolest results! We will have 3 submission deadlines: in Feburary, May, and September.
Dec 2018
Together with David Evans and Vlad Kolesnikov, we wrote a book about MPC. It gives an overview of the current state of the art and main constructions.
Dec 2018
Paper on thumbnail-preserving encryption accepted to NDSS 2019.
Sep 2018
I have started collecting some materials for new grad students and their mentors related to graduate study, so that I can refer to it easily for new students.
Aug 2018
Paper on post-quantum signatures accepted to CCS 2018, and paper on UC hybrid protocols accepted to TCC 2018. Also find me featured in this Oregonion article where I offer some skepticism about bunk cryptanalysis.
May 2018
Paper on authenticated garbling accepted to Crypto 2018. Paper on private contact discovery accepted to PETS 2018.
Apr 2018
I will be delivering a lecture series on 2PC techniques at the crypt@b-it summer school. Come to Germany for a week in July and learn 2PC!
Dec 2017
Slides from Indocrypt tutorial and gate-hiding GC paper now posted.
Nov 2017
Paper on wildcard pattern matching accepted to Financial Cryptography 2018.
Oct 2017
Paper on gate-hiding garbled circuits accepted to Indocrypt 2017. CCS workshop paper on thumbnail-preserving encryption now on eprint.
Sep 2017
This quarter I'm teaching an honors section and traditional section of CS 321, Theory of computation.
Aug 2017
OSU takeover of ACM CCS 2017 has been successful: 3 papers for me (malicious PSI, Duplo, multi-party PSI), 5 for my group members, 6 for Oregon State! Addendum Sep 2017: plus 1 paper at a CCS-affiliated workshop
Jul 2017
I will be on the program committee for Eurocrypt 2018, so get your best results in order for the Sep 19 deadline!
May 2017
Paper on UC hybrid protocols now on eprint.
Mar 2017
I'll be on the program committees for CCS 2017 and Indocrypt 2017. Please submit your best work!
Jan 2017
Hat trick! 3 papers accepted to Eurocrypt 2017! (ZK for RAM programs, malicious PSI, non-interactive 2PC)


Typically I teach CS 321 (Theory of Computation) in fall, CS 427 (Intro to Cryptography) in winter, and CS 517 (Computational Complexity) in spring.


I am writing an undergraduate textbook on cryptography called The Joy of Cryptography. The book is free and will continue to be free, thanks to support from Oregon State's open textbook initiative.


Former advisees:

I have started collecting some materials for new grad students (and their mentors) related to graduate study, so that I can refer to it easily for new students. The materials are biased towards my area of research, but there is also plenty of advice about grad school in general.

2PC Course

In Summer 2018 I was an invited lecturer at the crypt@b-it summer school in Bonn, Germany. I delivered a week-long course on efficient secure computation techniques. The focus was on things that I actually know about: 2PC based on garbled circuits, and PSI.


My main research focus is on cryptographic protocols for secure computation. These tools allow parties to perform computations on private data, so that they learn the outcome of the computation but nothing else. I am interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of secure computation techniques.

More specifically, my recent research has focused on:

My research is supported by the NSF, including an NSF CAREER award, and faculty research awards from Google and Visa Research.


Various bean counting can be found on my Google scholar page and DBLP page. Below I include a link to a free version of almost all articles. Send me email or take advantage of sci-hub if you would like a copy of any paywalled publications.

Malicious Secure, Structure-Aware Private Set Intersection
Gayathri Garimella, Mike Rosulek, Jaspal Singh
Crypto 2023 article
Verifiable Distributed Aggregation Functions
Hannah Davis, Christopher Patton, Mike Rosulek, Phillipp Schoppmann
PETS 2023 article
How to Obfuscate MPC Inputs
Ian McQuoid, Mike Rosulek, Jiayu Xu
TCC 2022 article
Structure-Aware Private Set Intersection, with Applications to Fuzzy Matching
Gayathri Garimella, Mike Rosulek, Jaspal Singh
Crypto 2022 article video
Finding One Common Item, Privately
Tyler Beauregard, Janabel Xia, Mike Rosulek
SCN 2022 article
Practical Privacy-Preserving Authentication for SSH
Lawrence Roy, Stanislav Lyakhov, Yeongjin Jang, Mike Rosulek
USENIX Security 2022 article slides code
A Complete Characterization of Security for Linicrypt Block Cipher Modes
Tommy Hollenberg, Mike Rosulek, Lawrence Roy
CSF 2022 article
Batching Base Oblivious Transfers
Ian McQuoid, Mike Rosulek, Lawrence Roy
Asiacrypt 2021 article
Compact and Malicious Private Set Intersection for Small Sets
Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
CCS 2021 article video
Three Halves Make a Whole? Beating the Half-Gates Lower Bound for Garbled Circuits
★ best paper honorable mention ★
Mike Rosulek, Lawrence Roy
Crypto 2021 article
Oblivious Key-Value Stores and Amplification for Private Set Intersection
Gayathri Garimella, Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai
Crypto 2021 article
Private Set Operations from Oblivious Switching
Gayathri Garimella, Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek, Saeed Sadeghian, Jaspal Singh
PKC 2021 article
On the (Im)Practicality of Adversarial Perturbation for Image Privacy
Arezoo Rajabi, Rakesh Bobba, Mike Rosulek, Charles V. Wright, Wu-Chi Feng
PETS 2021 article
Minimal Symmetric PAKE and 1-out-of-N OT from Programmable-Once Public Functions
Ian McQuoid, Mike Rosulek, Lawrence Roy
CCS 2020 article
Fast Database Joins and PSI for Secret Shared Data
Payman Mohassel, Peter Rindal, Mike Rosulek
CCS 2020 article
Practical Privacy-Preserving K-means Clustering
Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
PETS 2020 article
PSI from PaXoS: Fast, Malicious Private Set Intersection
Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai
Eurocrypt 2020 article video slides
Scalable Private Set Union from Symmetric-Key Techniques
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Xiao Wang
Asiacrypt 2019 article
Characterizing Collision and Second-Preimage Resistance in Linicrypt
Ian McQuoid, Trevor Swope, Mike Rosulek
TCC 2019 article
Secure Data Exchange: A Marketplace in the Cloud
Ran Gilad-Bachrach, Kim Laine, Kristin Lauter, Peter Rindal, Mike Rosulek
CCSW 2019 article
SpOT-Light: Lightweight Private Set Intersection from Sparse OT Extension
Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai
Crypto 2019 article code
Cheaper Private Set Intersection via Differentially Private Leakage
Adam Groce, Peter Rindal, Mike Rosulek
PETS 2019 article
Balancing Image Privacy and Usability with Thumbnail-Preserving Encryption
Kimia Tajik, Akshith Gunasekaran, Rhea Dutta, Brandon Ellis, Rakesh B. Bobba, Mike Rosulek, Charles V. Wright, Wu-Chi Feng
NDSS 2019 article
A Pragmatic Introduction to Secure Multi-Party Computation
David Evans, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Mike Rosulek
Monograph, NOW Publishers (2018) author version
On the Structure of Unconditional UC Hybrid Protocols
Mike Rosulek & Morgan Shirley
TCC 2018 article
TACHYON: Fast Signatures from Compact Knapsack
Rouzbeh Behnia, Muslum Ozgur Ozmen, Attila A Yavuz, Mike Rosulek
CCS 2018 article
Optimizing Authenticated Garbling for Faster Secure Two-Party Computation
Jonathan Katz, Samuel Ranellucci, Mike Rosulek, Xiao Wang
Crypto 2018 article
PIR-PSI: Scaling Private Contact Discovery
Daniel Demmler, Peter Rindal, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
PETS 2018 article
SWiM: Secure Wildcard Pattern Matching From OT Extension
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
Financial Cryptography 2018 article code
Improvements for Gate-Hiding Garbled Circuits
Mike Rosulek
Indocrypt 2017 article slides
Approximate Thumbnail Preserving Encryption
Byron Marohn, Charles V Wright, Wu-chi Feng, Mike Rosulek, Rakesh Bobba
Workshop on Multimedia Privacy and Security 2017 article
Malicious-Secure Private Set Intersection via Dual Execution
Peter Rindal & Mike Rosulek
CCS 2017 article code
Practical Multi-party Private Set Intersection from Symmetric-Key Techniques
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Naor Matania, Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
CCS 2017 article code
DUPLO: Unifying Cut-and-Choose for Garbled Circuits
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Roberto Trifiletti
CCS 2017 article code
Improved Private Set Intersection against Malicious Adversaries
Peter Rindal & Mike Rosulek
Eurocrypt 2017 article code
Non-Interactive Secure 2PC in the Offline/Online and Batch Settings
Payman Mohassel & Mike Rosulek
Eurocrypt 2017 article
Sublinear Zero-Knowledge Arguments for RAM Programs
Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek, Alessandra Scafuro
Eurocrypt 2017 article
Reconciling Non-malleability with Homomorphic Encryption
Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike Rosulek
Journal of Cryptology 2017 article
Efficient Batched Oblivious PRF with Applications to Private Set Intersection
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Ranjit Kumaresan, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
CCS 2016 article code
Garbling Gadgets for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits
Marshall Ball, Tal Malkin, Mike Rosulek
CCS 2016 article slides
Linicrypt: A Model for Practical Cryptography
Brent Carmer & Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2016 article code slides
Faster Malicious 2-party Secure Computation with Online/Offline Dual Execution
Peter Rindal & Mike Rosulek
USENIX Security 2016 article code slides
Fast and Secure Three-party Computation: The Garbled Circuit Approach
Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek, Ye Zhang
CCS 2015 article
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Non-Algebraic Statements with Sublinear Amortized Cost
Zhangxiang Hu, Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2015 article
Two Halves Make a Whole: Reducing Data Transfer in Garbled Circuits using Half Gates
Samee Zahur, Mike Rosulek, David Evans
Eurocrypt 2015 article
How to Efficiently Evaluate RAM Programs with Malicious Security
Arash Afshar, Zhangxiang Hu, Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek
Eurocrypt 2015 article slides
Richer Efficiency/Security Tradeoffs in 2PC
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Payman Mohassel, Ben Riva, Mike Rosulek
TCC 2015 article slides
FleXOR: Flexible garbling for XOR gates that beats free-XOR
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2014 article slides video
Multi-Party Computation for Polynomials and Branching Programs without Simultaneous Interaction
Dov Gordon, Tal Malkin, Mike Rosulek, Hoeteck Wee
Eurocrypt 2013 article
Characterizing the Cryptographic Properties of Reactive 2-Party Functionalities
R. Amzi Jeffs & Mike Rosulek
TCC 2013 article
A Unified Characterization of Completeness and Triviality for Secure Function Evaluation
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
Indocrypt 2012 article
Must you know the code of f  to securely compute f?
Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2012 article slides video
Universal Composability from Essentially Any Trusted Setup
Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2012 article slides video
Complexity of Multi-Party Computation Functionalities
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
Book chapter, IOS Press chapter
Exploring the Limits of Common Coins Using Frontier Analysis of Protocols
Hemanta Maji, Pichayoot Ouppaphan, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
TCC 2011 article
Attribute-Based Signatures
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
CT-RSA 2011 article
A Zero-One Law for Cryptographic Complexity with Respect to Computational UC Security
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2010 article
Cryptographic Complexity Classes and Computational Intractability Assumptions
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
ICS 2010 article
Complexity of Multiparty Computation Problems: The Case of 2-Party Symmetric Secure Function Evaluation
Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, Mike Rosulek
TCC 2009 article
Towards Robust Computation on Encrypted Data
Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike Rosulek
Asiacrypt 2008 article slides
Cryptographic Complexity of Multi-party Computation Problems: Classifications and Separations
Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2008 article slides
Homomorphic Encryption with CCA Security
Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike Rosulek
ICALP 2008 article slides
Harvesting Credentials in Trust Negotiation as an Honest-But-Curious Adversary
Lars Olson, Mike Rosulek, Marianne Winslett
WPES 2007 article
Rerandomizable RCCA Encryption
Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike Rosulek
CRYPTO 2007 article slides

Unpublished manuscripts & other writings

Garbled Neural Networks are Practical
Marshall Ball, Brent Carmer, Tal Malkin, Mike Rosulek, Nichole Schimanski
Manuscript 2019 article slides
Efficient Maliciously Secure Two Party Computation for Mixed Programs
Arash Afshar, Payman Mohassel, Mike Rosulek
Manuscript 2017 article
Secure Your Data and Compute on It, Too
Mike Rosulek
XRDS: Crossroads, the ACM Magazine for Students, 2015 article
Correspondences regarding cryptography between John Nash and the NSA
John Nash
Transcribed & typeset by Mike Rosulek pdf originals
The Structure of Secure Multi-Party Computation
Mike Rosulek
University of Illinois PhD dissertation, 2009 pdf

Selected talks

Garbled Circuits for Secure Computation
Indocrypt Tutorial, December 2017 slides
Towards Optimal Garbled Circuit Constructions
Allerton Conference, October 2015 slides
A Brief History of Practical Garbled Circuit Optimizations
Simons Institute workshop on Securing Computation, June 2015 slides video
Zero-Knowledge Proofs, with Applications to Sudoku and Where's Waldo
Educational talk, University of Montana, December 2008 slides

Other Things


An Annotated Bibliography of Practical Secure Computation
A reference for researchers in secure computationwebsite
A browser-based platform for algorithm visualizationwebsite

Professional Service

I have served on the following program committees:

I have been an associate editor for ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS) since Dec 2020.

I am on the organizing committee for TPMPC: Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation Workshops and for CFAIL: Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in Cryptology.

From 2014 to 2019 I served as communications secretary for the International Association for Cryptologic Research.


I have a personal website (never updated), a Flickr page, a Github page, and a few Youtube videos.