Computing Resources 


  • High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)
    • Our group members have exclusive access to two computing clusters. Both clusters are placed in the basement of the Kelley Engineering Center.
    • Clusters are managed by the information technology staff led by Robert Yelle
  • Supercomputer Access
    • We also have access to NSF's Teragrid Supercomputing resources for large-scale production runs. We typically use parallel machines at Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Our simulations routinely require 1000s of processors in parallel.
  • Post-processing
    • Tecplot: All of the simulation data is post-processed and visualized using Tecplot360.
    • Matlab: Matlab is also available for post-processing
  • IT Staff
    • All IT services are supported by a team of IT professionals including 12 full time employees assisted by approximately 55 students.
    • For local disk space, software, any other computing issues contact CoE IT Support
    • For various computing related setups (email, printer, Citrix, cluster, ONID etc.) read on this computing services page CoE IT Services


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