Research Areas 


For detailed description of our research work and relevant publications please visit the following links.

  • A Hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian Scheme for Tracking of Deforming Interfaces (hLE)

  • Large Eddy Simulation of Cavitating Flows with Discrete Bubble Dynamics (LES-DBM)

  • A Numerical Scheme for Fully Resolved Simulation of Moving Boundary Problems (FRS)

  • Multiscale Modeling of Particle-Turbulence Interactions in Oxy-Coal Reactors (OxyCoal)

  • Simulation-Based Design and Control of Microchannel Solar Receiver (Solar Fuels)

  • Control of Flow Maldistribution in Parallel Microchannels (Fouling and Plugging)

  • Flow Feature Identification in Unsteady Separated Flows (Swirl Detection)

  • LES with Discrete Element Modeling of Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows (LES-DEM)

  • Modeling of Sprays and Spray Systems in Combustors (Sprays)

  • LES of Multiphase Turbulent Reacting Flows in Realistic Gas-Turbine Combustors (LES-GT)

  • Internal Flow and Combustion Dynamics in Solid Propellant Rocket Motors (LES-SRM)

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