Current Students


Daniel FustDaniel Fust

Daniel is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering starting Fall 2022. He comes to Oregon State from University of California, Davis with a Master's degree in Mechcanical Engineering. He worked as a R&D engineer at Omiquest from 2000-2022. His MS thesis was titled "Spline-based methods for boundary-layer calculations." For his PhD research, he will be working on numerical algorithm development for direct/large-eddy simulation of turbulent mass and momentum transport over porous, sediment beds.   

Nathan KeaneNathan Keane

Nathan is a Ph.D. (expected 2022) student in Center for Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Sciences and is being co-advised by Prof. Apte (in Mechancial Engineering) and Prof. Greg Wilson (CEOAS). He comes to Oregon State from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Master's degree in Scientific Computing. He will be investigating sediment-turbulence interactions in coastal environments using large-eddy simulation together with discrete element modeling. His project is funded by NSF's Physical Oceanography division .

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