Open Positions 


We are always looking for talented and hardworking students interested in joining our group and are encouraged to contact Dr. Apte.

    For graduate students:
    • Strong interest in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid mechanics, physics, turbulence, heat and mass transfer
    • Strong interest in numerical algorithm development and/or software development
    • Familiarity with computer programming (preferred languages are Fortran90 or C, Matlab/Python) and unix systems
    • Proficiency in linear algebra and mathematical methods
    • Familiarity with standard CFD packages, grid-generation, and high performance computing will be considered plus
    • Interest in multidisciplinary and collaborative research
    For UHC and other undergraduate students:
    • Interest in physics, mathematics, numerical methods
    • Basic background in numerical methods (ME373H), thermal-fluid sciences

PhD Projects (New)

We are looking for couple of PhD students to work on funded research project(s) involving turbulent boundary layer flows over permeable or impermeable, rough surfaces. Check out the Project Description for more details Students who have experience in numerical algorithm development, computational fluid dynamics are highly encouraged to apply.

MS Projects (New)

We are looking for MS students to work on several different research topics:

  • Modeling dynamics and motion of non-spherical droplets tracking its location, linear and angular velocity, and orientation.
  • Developing physics based models for breakup of elongated ligaments.
  • Development of automatic mesh refinement (AMR) software.

UHC Theses (New)

We are always looking for talented undergraduate students interested in doing their UHC thesis. You are welcome to discuss any specific topics you have in mind with Dr. Apte. UHC students are also highly encouraged to take the honors section of 373 (ME373H) to learn fundamentals of numerical modeling whenever it is offered (usually every other year). A course in computational fluid dynamics is also recommended (although not necessary). There are also few project ideas for non-ME majors (such as applied math, computer science, physics, environmental engineering, ocean sciences; among others). UHC students also get to work with our PhD students and are encouraged to contact them to learn more about specific topics. There are also several avenues for financial support for UHC students (e.g. our students have received Deloach Work Scholarship, Experiencial learning award). Our UHC students have become very successful in their endeavors post graduation (you may learn about them here: Where our graduates go? and Alumni) Few sample topics that are of present interest:

  • Rigid body dynamics of non-spherical particles (droplets, solid particles, ligaments) (applications: sprays (fuels in combustion system, agricultural, and biological), dispersion of pathogen)
  • Modeling of inter-particle collisions (applications: Sprays (fuels in combustion systems, agricultural, and biological), particle transport (eg. dust deposition in propulsion systems).
  • Modeling breakup of liquid ligaments (applications: Spray formation in combustions chambers)
  • Numerical algorithm for scalar transport (mass, heat etc.) using immersed boundary (extends topics learned in ME373/ME373H about solution of elliptic/parabolic equations) to complex shapes.
  • Quantification of clustering (of particles, pathogens) using Voronoi tessellation.

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