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Welcome to Eugene Zhang's home page
I am a Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University. My research is in the areas of Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization, and Geometry Processing. Visit my research page for my past work.

My Complete and Most Recent CV

My Current NSF Project: IIS-1619383: Three-Dimensional Asymmetric Tensor Field Analysis for Novel Multi-Field Visualization of Vector Fields

Latest News

10/26/2022 I presented our work on orbifold visualization and global tensor field topology at VIS 2023 in Melbourne, Australia.

10/25/2022 Peter Oliver presented our work on scalabale hypergraph visualization at VIS 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. The talk was well received with questions from researchers.

9/10/2023 Our VIS 2023 papers can now be accessed through arxiv.

8/12/2023 Our ASE summer interns have presented their research at the ASE symposium. Good work!

7/17/2023 All of our three VIS submissions finally accepted and will be presented at VIS 2023. Congratulations to Jinta Zheng, Shih-Huan Hung, and Peter Oliver.

6/26/2021 We welcome our ASE summer interns this year.

6/10/2023 Our Vis submissions, including a paper on orbifold visualization, a paper on global tensor field topology, and a paper on scalable hypergraph visualization, have been conditionally accepted by VIS 2023.

My student collaborators

Guoning Chen (Ph.D. granted in 2009, faculty at University of Houston)
Greg Esch (M.S. granted in 2009, at Google)
Xiaofei Gao (M.S. granted in 2018)
Sanaz Golbabaei (M.S. granted in 2016, at Adobe)
Mariam Guizani (M.S. granted in 2018)
Charles Ison (Ph.D. student)
Mizuki Kagaya (M.S. granted in 2009, at Pacific Software Publishing)
Zhongzang Ray Lin (M.S. granted in 2010, at Amazon)
Patrick Neill (M.S. granted in 2008, at NVidia)
Peter Oliver (Ph.D. student)
Jonathan Palacios (Ph.D. granted in 2015, at Stellar Science)
Darrel Palke (M.S. granted in 2010, at Facebook)
Botong Qu (Ph.D. granted in 2021, at Zoox)
Ritesh Sharma (M.S. granted in 2017, at PASSUR Aerospace, Inc)
Jinta Zheng (Ph.D. student)
Yu Zheng (Ph.D. student)

Be sure to check out some images from students taking my past graphics classes.

Dr. Yue Zhang and I are running a weekly reading group on computer graphics, scientific visualization, and simulation related topics. I used to run a similar reading group.

Contact information:
Prof. Eugene Zhang
2111 Kelley Engineering Center
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
(541)737-8599 (o)