For the final assignment:

  1. Recall the article you used from your first assignment. In case you have forgotten, a link has been placed in the gradesheet. Classify the described discrimination as individual, institutional or structural, as best you can.
  2. Find another contemporary example of discrimination that is:
    • of a different type (individual, institutional or structural) from your first assignment
    • is related to your field of study (computer science or electrical engineering)
    • impacts a person or group of people that has an identity different from your own
  3. Summarize the discrimination that occurred (or is occurring).
  4. Describe how this discrimination negatively impacts the affected population.
  5. Consider ways to overcome, prevent, or mitigate this type of discrimination or future instances of this discrimination.

Prepare a report that covers all of the above points. Your report should be 1-2 pages long, typed and single spaced. In addition, at the end of your report, you should make a statement concerning the number of Friday afternoon meetings of the class you attended. For example "I attended 8 of the Friday afternoon meetings" or "I attended 6 or 7 of the Friday afternoon meetings". Remember, when making this
statement, that we talked about ethics in this course, so lying on this statement would be rather egregious.

You should email the report as an attached pdf to by December 8, 2015 at 5PM. This deadline is a hard deadline.