Course expectations & grading information are on the course syllabus. All the materials for the e-campus version of this course are available to you here. Note that the materials posted below are a subset of the e-campus materials; the e-campus materials are recommended for additional resources.

Office Hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday immediately after class until 11:50AM wth Prof. Borradaile.
  • TA office hours Monday & Wednesday 11.55AM-12.55PM. Location KEC Atrium.

Announcements & FAQ:

  • Solutions to assignments are emailed to the class list after their due date.
  • Group assignment due dates are listed in TEACH 24 hours late because assignments submitted within 24 hours of the due date (as posted on this page and on the assignment pdf) are accepted without penalty. Help on assignments during this 24 hour period will not be given -- the 24 hour lee-way on group assignments is intended for emergencies only. This rule only applies for group assignments.
  • Your grades are available here; you need to log in with your OSU login information. If a grade has been misrecorded, please contact Farzad.

Assignments and class materials

Please check this webpage at least weekly. Timely information will be emailed to the class email list.

Asymptotic Analysis (Week 0-1)

Dynamic Programming (Weeks 1-3)

Greedy Algorithms & Proofs of Correctness (Weeks 3-5)

Bonus office hours Wednesday October 28, 9.15-10.45AM, KEC 3071 (with Prof. Borradaile)

Midterm (Week 5: Thursday October 29 at 10AM, on above topics)

  • Note: To get a C or better in this class you must earn at least 50% on both the midterm and final.

Divide & Conquer Algorithms and Recurrence Relations (Weeks 6-7)

Linear Programming (Week 8)

P & NP (Weeks 9-10)

Final Exam (Week 11, Friday, December 11, 9.30-11.20 in the same room as class)