Course expectations & grading information are on the course syllabus. All the materials for the e-campus version of this course are available to you here. Note that the materials posted below are a subset of the e-campus materials; the e-campus materials are recommended for additional resources.

Office Hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday immediately after class until 4PM wth Prof. Borradaile.
  • 10-11 AM Monday & Wednesday in the Atrium with Spencer.
  • 5-6 PM Tuesday & Thursday in the Atrium with Farzad.
  • Bonus pre-exam office hours:
    • Friday March 13 11-12.30 PM with Farzad in the Atrium
    • Friday March 13 1-2 PM with Prof. Borradaile in KEC 3071
    • Monday March 16 10-11 AM with Spencer in the Atrium

Announcements & FAQ:

  • Solutions to assignments are emailed to the class list after their due date.
  • Help on assignments after their due date (not the 'late' due date) will not be given -- the 24 hour lee-way on group assignments is intended for emergencies only.
  • Your grades are available here. If you have a problem with a practice assignment grade, contact Shajith. If you have a problem with a group assignment grade, contact Spencer and/or Farzad.

Assignments and class materials

Please check this webpage at least weekly. Timely information will be emailed to the class email list.

Asymptotic Analysis (Week 1)

Dynamic Programming (Weeks 1-3)

Graph Algorithms & Proofs of Correctness (Weeks 3-5)

Midterm (Week 5, Thursday, February 5 in class, on above topics)

  • Note: To get a C or better in this class you must earn at least 50% on both the midterm and final.

Divide & Conquer Algorithms and Recurrence Relations (Weeks 6-7)

Linear Programming (Week 8)

P & NP (Weeks 9-10)

Final Exam (Week 11, Monday 12-2 in Gilbert 124, focussed on post-midterm topics)