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This schedule is subject to change. Events are confirmed when bold (due dates, required readings, etc.).
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Week Tuesday Thursday
1 Topic: Recursion and D&C review

  1. Read the course syllabus.
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Life: If you are food insecure, be sure to apply for MealBux this week.

Required reading before this class:
Erickson: Induction, sections 1-4. and
Clicker user guide

Topic: Correctness by induction

Having difficulty with logs? We'll be using them a lot next week. These videos might help you out though.
A proof of correctness for mergesort can be found in section 1.3 of Erikson's notes
Formal proof for depth of perfect binary trees

2 Required reading before this class:
DPV: Section 5.1

Topics: Correctness by contradiction

Max subarray project released
A proof of useless/safe property and Boruvka's algorithm: section 18.2 and 18.3 of Erickson's notes
Required reading before this class:
DPV: Chapter 0 and Erickson: Recurrences, section 3.

Topic: big-Oh, Omega, Theta & Recurrence relations
3 Required reading before this class (if you haven't already):
Erickson: Recurrences, section 3.

Topic: More recurrence relations & Divide and conquer
Tool: Matlab and plotting run-times

Life: Senior dinner registration due next week.
Register to vote! Deadline: Oct 14.

Required reading before this class:
Erickson: Simplify and delegate, sections 1.5-1.8.

4 Topic: probability and divide and conquer

DPV Section 2.4 covers most of today's class

Max subarray project due

Life: Graduating soon? Resume Book deadline October 24.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 2-4PM
(no office hours with Prof. B on Wednesday)
In-class test: Analysis (on all material covered so far)
5 Topic: top down v bottom up

DP project released
Required reading before this class:
DPV: Section 6.2 (review) and 6.4
entirety of Chapter 6 is highly recommended

Topic: dynamic programming

6 Required reading before this class:
DPV: Section 7.1

Topic: linear programming
LP project released
The bicycle problem and
accompanying Matlab file

DP project due

Topic: linear programming and reductions

Did you vote? Don't forget to vote!

7 LP project due

TSP project released

Topic: Introduction to complexity
Turing machines
Halting Problem
Required reading before this class:
DPV: Section 7.2 and 7.3
The Story of Sissa and Moore in DPV Chapter 8

Topic: P and LPs and ILPs
8 Required reading before this class:
DPV: lower bound for sorting in Section 2.3

Topic: Sorting lower bound, nondeterminism and NP
Required reading before this class:
Erickson: NP-hard problems, sections 29.3 and 29.5

Topic: NP-completeness and reductions
9 Required reading this week:
DPV: NP-complete problems (entire chapter)
more reductions

Reading after class (reduction from VC to HC):
Erickson: NP-hard problems, section 29.11

updated TSP project info
Thanksgiving -- no class
10 TSP project due TSP race
(in class - one laptop per team required)

FRIDAY 10-12 and 1-3 in KEC 1087
11 Final exam covers material from weeks 5 on (but will implicitly require mastery of material from weeks 1-4).
Monday December 3, 6-8 PM in STAG 203