Oregon State High-Speed Integrated Circuits Lab

Research Focus:

Transformative scalable systems, such as massive MIMO communication or dense ad-hoc wireless sensor networks (WSN), require reconfigurable and scalable RF systems with graceful tradeoffs between power and performance. Our research addresses these challenges by focusing on co-design of active and passive RF devices/circuits at the two ends of these tradeoffs – ultra low-power for dense sensor-networks and high performance for scalable, reconfigurable RF/mm-wave arrays.

Open Positions:

Oct 2020: We currently have an opening for a Ph.D. student: Please send an email to Prof. Natarajan with your CV. Applications can be submitted through the
Oregon State EECS Prospective Students website .

Latest News:

June 2021: Congrats to Dr. Robin Garg on defending his Ph. D. Thesis! Good luck at Mediatek!

June 2021: Congrats to Joshua Thelen on receiving your M.S.!

Mar 2021: Excited to be working with researchers at Columbia University (Professors Krishnaswamy, Zussman, Seok), City University of New York (Professor Alu) and Northeastern University (Professor Cassella and Rinaldi) on the DARPA Wideband Adaptive RF Protection (WARP) program

Mar 2021: Congrats to Hayden, Sohail, Ali and Kamala! The ISSCC paper on low-power recievers has been invited to the the IEEE JSSC

Feb. 2021: Robin received the IEEE SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award! Congrats, Robin on the well-deserved honor.

Feb 2021: Congrats to Mostafa Essawy, Amin Aghighi and Arvind Nagulu! The collaboration on noise-cancelling for self-interference cancellers has been accepted for presentation at RFIC 2021

Dec 2020: Congrats to Dr. Manoj Johnson on defending his Ph.D. Thesis! Welcome to Mixcomm Inc.

Nov 2020: Professor Natarajan gave the Tech Talk Tuesday Seminar at Oregon State. Tech Talk OSU

Oct 2020: Congrats to Robin, Sanket, and Paul! Their work on a 28GHz circulator-RX has been accepted for presentation at ISSCC 2021.

Oct 2020: Congrats to Hayden, Sohail, Ali and Kamala! The collaboration with Columbia University on low-power wideband RX has been accepted for presentation at ISSCC 2021.

Sep 2020: Congrats to Dr. Kamala Raghavan Sadagopan on defending her Ph.D. Thesis! Good luck in your position at TI Kilby Labs.

Aug 2020: Congrats to Ali, Sohail, Armagan, Mahmood, Robin, Manoj and Arman on the Best Paper, 2nd Place award at IEEE RFIC 2020. Impressive work and great collaboration with Harish's group at Columbia University.

Oct 2019: Congrats to Robin, Gaurav, Ali, Sohail, Sanket and Armagan! The collaborative work on beam-space MIMO at 28GHz has been accepted for presentation at ISSCC 2020.

Sep 2019: Welcome to the group's newest members: Amin Aghigi, Mostafa Essawy, Paul Dania and Kuei Jih Lu! Everyone at the HSIC group looks forward to working with you.

Aug 2019: Congrats to Dr. Sanket Jain on defending his Ph.D. Thesis! Looking forward to your designs in our Apple products!

Mar 2019: Congrats to Dr. Yao Liu on defending his Ph.D. Thesis! Hope you enjoy Boston and Anokiwave!

Mar 2019: Congrats to Dr. Kai Zhan on defending his Ph.D. Thesis! Sure you'll do great at Qualcomm.