(ISSCC 2018) Clock Domain Equalization using iPWM Encoding for Low Voltage Wireline Links

Low voltage transceiver equalization is a challenge. We propose clock domain equalization (signal processing) based wireline transceiver architecture. In the proposed transceiver, equalization is performed in the subrate clock at very-low bandwidth, which helps to equalize heavy channel loss even at 0.5V supply. Our transceiver operates from 0.5-to-0.9V (3-to-16Gb/s) and equalize 27dB Loss at 10Gb/s (1.8pJ/bit).

(ISSCC 2017) A New Encoding Scheme for Energy Efficient Equalization - Integrated Pulse Width Modulation (iPWM)

We invented a new encoding scheme to efficiently equalize lossy wireline channels. The proposed encoding scheme is demonstrated on a 10-18Gb/s wireline transceiver using 65nm CMOS. Operating at 16Gb/s, the complete transceiver achieves an energy efficiency of 4.37pJ/bit and can equalize 27dB channel loss.

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(ISSCC 2017, JSSC 2015) A 7Gb/s Embedded Clock Transceiver for Energy Proportional Links

We developed architecture and circuit techniques to achieve rapid-on/off in PLL, transmitter and receiver. The proposed transceiver demonstrates power scalability and energy proportional operation with a wide range of link utilization. This transceiver can power-on and lock in less than 20ns.

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(ISSCC 2013, JSSC 2014) A 5Gb/s, 10ns Power-On-Time, 36μW Off-State Power, Fast Power-On Transmitter for Energy Proportional Links

We developed the transmitter with digital regulators and MDLL based clock to achieve rapid-on/off oepration. By using highly digital architecture the 2.5GHz MDLL achieves power-on-lock in 10ns (3 reference cycles).

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(VLSI 2015, JSSC 2016) A VCO Based Highly Digital Temperature Sensor with 0.034oC/mV Supply Sensitivity

We developed a self-referenced VCO-based temperature sensor with reduced supply sensitivity in 65nm CMOS. A novel sensing technique is proposed in which temperature information is acquired by evaluating the ratio of the output frequencies of two ring oscillators.

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Research Thrust

We investigate efficient communication and harvesting systems. Our research focus is on wireline communication systems, energy harvesters, sensors for IoT, and frequency synthesizers (PLLs, MDLLs, MILOs) with special emphasis on energy efficiency. Details of ongoing and completed research projects can be found here.

News and Updates

April 2018: Kamila Almurzayeva and Natalie Clouse joined the MSCS lab.

April 2018: Zhiping Wang joined the MSCS lab.

October 2017: Our paper on low-voltage wireline transceiver with encoding based clock domain equalization has been accepted in the ISSCC 2018. Congratulations Ashwin!

September 2017: Mohamed M. Mabrouk joined the MSCS lab.

August 2017: Ashwin Ramachandran successfully defended his M.S. thesis. Congratulations! He will be joining Texas Instruments.

January 2017: Ashwin Ramachandran won the prestigious Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award. Congratulations Ashwin!

January 2017: Our paper on DSM-free spread-spectrum PLL has been accepted in the CICC 2017. Congratulations Hyuk Sun (Tim)!

December 2016: Our paper on VCO based highly digital temperature sensor is third most popular article in JSSC during November.

December 2016: Hyuk Sun (Tim) successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Tim!

October 2016: Our paper on 16Gb/s wireline transceiver with phase domain equalization has been accepted in the ISSCC 2017. Congratulations Ashwin!

August 2016: Yu Sang Chun and Abhishekh Devaraj joined the MSCS lab.

March 2016: Ashwin Ramachandran joined the MSCS lab.



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