Transportation Research Board AHB45
Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics


Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee (AHB45)
2014 Summer Meeting - August 11-13, 2014 - Portland, Oregon USA
Symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Traffic Flow Theory

Symposium Program | Symposium Photos | Proceedings: Transportation Research Circular E-197

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Traffic Flow Theory and Midyear Meeting was held in Portland, Oregon, USA, August 11-13, 2014. Top papers are published in special issues of Transportmetrica B and the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, and all papers will be published in a special issue of the Transportation Research Circular series

The predecessor committee focusing on traffic flow theory was organized 50 years ago, and this is an appropriate time to recognize the past accomplishments in the field, reflect on the present state of our research community and identify key future directions. This symposium builds on past successful symposia beginning with the Greenshields Symposium in Woods Hole, MA in 2008, the Does Traffic Data Support Traffic Models Symposium in Annecy, France in 2010 and the Symposium on Advancements in Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity and Quality of Service in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2012.

1A – Opening Session
  Welcome remarks Robert L. Bertini   pdf
  Submitted remarks Reinhard Kuhne, Germany pdf  
Keynote Reflections on 50 Years of the TRB Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Prof. Nathan Gartner   pdf
1B – Fundamental Diagram
P6 Capacity Drop: A Comparison Between Stop-and-Go Wave and Queue Congestion at Lane-Drop Bottleneck K. Yuan, V. Knoop, S. Hoogendoorn pdf pdf
P7 Revisiting the Empirical Fundamental Relationship B. Coifman pdf pdf
P8 Universalities in Fundamental Diagrams of Cars, Bicycles and Pedestrians A. Seyfried, E. Andresen, M. Boltes, S. Hall, W. Mehner, A. Schadschneider, J. Zhang pdf pdf
P14 Human Factors in Fundamental Diagram D. Ni, L. Li, H. Wang, C. Jia pdf pdf
P26 Automatic Fitting Procedure for the Fundamental Diagram V. Knoop, W. Daamen pdf pdf
2A – Traffic flow models
P18 Accuracy of Pedestrian and Traffic Flow Models: Meaningful Quantifications F. van Wageningen-Kessels, W. Daamen, S. Hoogendoorn pdf pdf
P22 Congestion Scenario-Based Vehicle Classification Detection Models Based on Traffic Flow Characteristics and Observed Event Data H. Wei, Q. Ai, H. Liu, Z. Li, H. Wang pdf pdf
P41 Optimal Velocity Model with Dual Boundary Optimal Velocity Function H. Wang pdf pdf
P43 Data Fusion Solution to Fix the Cumulative Drift Problem on Urban Arterials H. Van Lint, R. Bertini, S. Hoogendoorn pdf pdf
P46 Modeling Acceleration Behavior in a Connected Environment A. Talebpour , H. Mahmassani pdf pdf
2B – Traffic Control
Keynote Exploring the impact of microscopic features of traffic on macroscopic patterns Vincenzo Punzo   pdf
P01 Traffic Flow Theory Milestones in Developing the TEXAS Model for Intersection Traffic in the Early 1970s T. Rioux pdf pdf
P30 VSL Control To Increase Discharge Rate At Incident Bottlenecks D. Chen, S. Ahn pdf pdf
P36 A Real-Time Signal Control Strategy For Mitigating The Impact Of Bus Stops On Urban Arterials C. Chavis, E. Christofa pdf pdf
3A – Freeway traffic analysis
Keynote Traffic Flow Theory in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles Michael Zhang   pdf
P19 A Mixture Model to Predict the Probability of Freeway Breakdown P. Ossenbruggen, E. Laflamme pdf pdf
P25 Influential Subspaces of Connected Vehicles in Highway Traffic K. Jerath, V. Gayah, S. Brennan pdf pdf
P38 The Heterogeneity Of Capacity Distribution Among Different Freeway Lanes K. Xie, K. Ozbay, H. Yang pdf pdf
3B – Calibration
P10 Validating California’s Freeway Incident Management Program M. Mauch, A. Skabardonis, L. Davies pdf pdf
P11 Calibrating Multilane First-Order Traffic Flow Model With Endogenous Representation Of Lane-Flow Equilibrium Y. Shiomi, T. Kozono pdf pdf
P12 Calibration Of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Car-Following Laws For Traffic Oscillation Prediction C. Rhoades, X. Wang, Y. Ouyang pdf pdf
P37 Using Big Data and Efficient Methods to Capture Stochasticity for Calibration of Macroscopic Traffic Simulation Models S. Mudigonda, K. Ozbay pdf pdf
4A – Empirical observations of traffic analysis
P15 Continuous Flow Metering Alternative Solution to Alleviate Congestion on Interstate 70 Eisenhower Tunnel S. Marlina, B. Janson, S. Sobhi pdf pdf
P29 Measuring The Safety Impact Of Road Infrastructure Systems On Driver Behavior: Vehicle Instrumentation And Exploratory Analysis S. Hamdar, J. Schorr pdf pdf
Keynote Theory of Pedestrian Flow Serge Hoogendoorn   pdf
4B – Network-wide modeling and control
P13 Towards A Systematic Exploration Of The Influence Of Route/Choices On A Network Level Of Performance C. Parzani, L. Leclercq, N. Benoumechiara, D. Villegas pdf pdf
P31 Macroscopic Relationship Between Network-Wide Traffic Emissions and Fundamental Properties of the Network R. Shabihkhani, E. Gonzales pdf pdf
P32 Existence, Stability, And Mitigation Of Gridlock In Beltway Networks W. Jin pdf pdf
P44 Effects Of Segregating Buses And Cars In A Congested, Non-Steady-State Street Network N. Saade, W. Gu, M. Cassidy pdf pdf
P45 Stochastic Approximations For The Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram J. Laval, F. Castrillion, Y. Zhou pdf pdf
5A – TFTC Committee and SimSub Business Meetings
Keynote 3D Trajectories and Their Role in Traffic Modeling and Simulation Hani Mahmassani   pdf
5B – Closing Session
  Panel Discussion on the Future of Traffic Flow Theory Pitu Mirchandani remarks   pdf
Poster Presentations
P04 Adapting Car Traffic Models and Concepts to Bicycle Traffic A. Manar, G. Cao pdf  
P09 Stochastic traffic flow modeling for freeway traffic B. Vachta, X. Qin, J. Kimn pdf  
P16 Investigation of Performance and Lane Utilization Within a Passing Lane on a Two Lane Rural Highway Z. Freedman, A. Al-Kaisy pdf  
P24 Urban Road Network Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Analysis Under Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) Environment Z. Xu, P. Jin, B. Ran pdf  
P28 Real-Time Control Of Queue Spillbacks On Signalized Arterials M. Ramezani, N. de Lamberterie, A. Skabardonis, N. Geroliminis pdf  
P33 Macroscopic Evaluation of Incident-Induced Driver Behavior Changes Z. Rahman, S. Mattingly pdf  
P34 Current Validation of Traffic Models: Are They Correct for Uncertainty Analysis? J. Casas, V. Punzo, J. Perarnau, M. Montanino pdf  
P40 A Time-Series Analysis of Highway Capacity: Case Study of Georgia 400 S. Dong, H. Wang, J. Li pdf  
P42 Collaborative Merging Behaviors and Their Impacts on Freeway Ramp Operations Under Connected Vehicle Environment: An Empirical Study H. Zhang, Y. Xie, N. Gartner, T. Arsava pdf  
P47 A Second-Order Lagrangian Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model for Freeways Z. Zhou, P. Mirchandani pdf  

Symposium Organizing Committee
Robert Bertini, Portland State University, Chair
Ludovic Leclercq, Université de Lyon, IFSTTAR / ENTPE
Nikolas Geroliminis, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Haizhong Wang, Oregon State University
Victor Knoop, Delft University of Technology
Vikash Gayah, The Pennsylvania State University
Yanfeng Ouyang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Soyoung Ahn, University of Wisconsin
Tegan Enloe, DKS Associates Miranda Wells, HDR

Symposium Patrons
David Evans and Associates (Platinum)
PTV Group (Gold)
Aimsun/TSS (Bronze)
Inrix (Bronze)

Previous Symposia
Greenshields Symposium, Woods Hole, MA, 2008
Does Traffic Data Support Traffic Models?, Annecy France, 2010
Symposium on Innovations in Traffic Flow Theory, and Highway Capacity and Quality of Service, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2012


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