ECE 521 Fall 2016
Analog Circuit Simulation

ECE521 Course Syllabus

HW Corrections

Lecture Notes & Homeworks
      Lecture Notes  

    Week 1             Powerpoint Lecture     HW1 Part 1 (pdf file)   HW1 Part 2 (pdf file)    C-code and test cases for Part 2 (shar file)
    Week 2              Lec 09/26/16        Lec 09/28/16 
     Week 3             Lec 10/03/16         Lec 10/05/16 
     Week 4             Lec 10/10/16         Lec 10/12/16      HW2 Part 1 (pdf file)   HW2 Part 2 (pdf file)    C-code for Part 2 (shar file)    test8.ckt
     Week 5             Lec 10/17/16         Lec 10/19/16   
     Week 6             Lec 10/24/16         Lec 10/26/16      HW3 Part 1 (pdf file)   HW3 Part 2 (pdf file)    C-code and test cases for Part 2 (shar file)   
     Week 7             Lec 10/31/16         Lec 11/02/16   
     Week 8             Lec 11/07/16         Lec 11/09/16      HW4 Part 2 (pdf file)    C-code and test cases for Part 2 (shar file)   
     Week 9             Lec 11/14/16         Lec 11/16/16  
     Week 10             Lec 11/23/16  

Final Project Instructions

Project Proposal Submission Deadline 11/16/16

Sample Test

    Test    Test Solution   


    HW1 Part 1
    HW2 Part 1
    HW3 Part 1


Papers (Reading Assignments)

A Historical Review of Circuit Simulation
The Life of Spice
LTSpice Genealogy (Nice historical overview of SPICE)
SPICE - The Third Decade
SPICE-The Fourth Decade Analog and Mixed-Signal Simulation-A State of the Art
Computer-Aided Design of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
The 40th Anniversary of SPICE: An IEEE Milestone
Is SPICE Still an Educational Tool? - Larry Nagel
The Modified Nodal Approach to Network Analysis
The Sparse-Tableau Approach to Network Analysis and Design
Elements of Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis
Artifical Parameter Homotopy Methods for the DC Operating Point Problem
Homotopy Methods for Computing DC Operating Points
Delivering Global DC Convergence for Large Mixed-Signal Circuits via Homotopy/Continuation Methods
Parameter Embedding Methods for Finding DC Operating Points: Formulation and Implementation
Simple Implementations of Homotopy Algorithms for Finding DC Solutions of Nonlinear Circuits
Accurate Fourier Analysis for Circuit Simulators
Introduction to RF Simulation and its Application
Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis Tools for RFIC Simulation: Algorithms, Features, and Limitations

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